HP Energy is at the forefront of technology in the built environment. With an presence in Silicon Valley, we are evaluating both the current solutions for reducing energy in buildings as well as the next generation of technologies that will be deployed in our buildings.  HP Energy believes that technology is a powerful driver in reducing energy consumption in buildings reducing both cost to operate and associated carbon.

Energy Production & Storage

Renewable energy sources provide a low carbon alternative to conventionally produced power. When deployed in a distributed manner, they allow for the creation of energy at the point where it is needed removing the need for costly transmission. HP Energy has relationships with firms specializing in alternative generation of power created on site.  Our portfolio of generating technologies includes waste to energy solutions, fuel cells and traditional photo-voltaic solar. Additionally, we work with the next generation of high-density power storage and management solutions.

Lighting & Lighting Controls

Solid state lighting systems are a proven lower energy solution. The next generation of these lights are driving down electric consumption and providing a quality of light that closely matches natural daylight. The digital nature of these lights has advanced technology in how the light levels are controlled. The introduction of the digital ballast along side software packages further optimize light levels and power consumption driving efficiency. HP Energy sources the best products from both LED manufacturers and lighting control companies to meet all lighting needs from everyday commercial indoor and outdoor fixtures to niche products in industrial applications.  Our sports lighting fixtures have been approved by the major US broadcasters and will become the next standard in lighting.


dynamic Glass

Windows are critical to building design as they allow light to enter while protecting the inhabitants from the elements. However, untreated glass allows the transmissivity of heat effecting building comfort. EC glass allows a building owner to control the amount of light and heat that enters a building. This ability to manage the solar radiant heat gain has been shown to result in a significant reduction in HVAC energy. These windows have the added benefit of dramatically reducing glare eliminating the need for window treatments such as blinds or shades resulting in unobstructed views for the occupants of a building.


Digital Solutions

As buildings become digitized, more control is offered to the owner to effectively and efficiently manage their buildings. Existing buildings tend to have been built with analog technology. HP Energy has technology partners who have developed innovative solutions to transform the old analog technology to digital. This transformational technology is non-invasive, has short installation processes and has short paybacks for the client. The digital data is then sent to existing building management systems making any building a “smart building”.


Central Plant Optimization

In larger facilities and campuses, central plant utilities consume large amounts of energy.  When combined with the air side mechanicals, the system is usually representative of over 50% of a clients energy consumption.  Our team will work closely with your facility and building engineering team to understand the complexities of the system and then deliver solutions for chilled water, hot water and air systems that can save significant energy and cost.

Data Center Cooling

Data centers represent a fast growing segment.  Huge consumers of both power and energy, data centers represent a large expense to most businesses.  Our team works with technology providers to lower the cost to mechanically cool data centers by over 80%.  This energy savings represents the ability not only to lower energy costs, but also to reclaim the power and expand the data halls.

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