"The development of edge-cloud devices will fundamentally change the ways our buildings and cities operate in the future providing a better condition for the people that inhabit them at a lower cost to operate."



From a single building to a nationally distributed portfolio, our team has the resources to deliver world-class execution and project management. Our team focus on maximizing energy efficiency savings for our clients, thereby driving down energy consumption, reducing carbon emissions, increasing operational efficiency and enhancing value for the building owners.  HP Energy's focus is on "delivering the fifth fuel" by helping businesses reduce costs by cutting energy consumption and enhancing the operating and financial performance of their existing buildings.

Our differentiator is our people and our strong presence in Silicon Valley California, which provides our clients access to the latest technology in smart windows, lighting, lighting controls, plug load management and distributed generation. HP Energy can assist our clients in all aspects of reducing their energy consumption and ultimately their utility bills.




The energy efficiency needs of the retail sector are unique.  Balancing the need to reduce energy costs, often the number two highest cost behind labor, with the customer experience provides a challenge for even the most sophisticated retailer.  Our team has deep experience in understanding how brand standards can be enhanced and the customer experience improved while reducing energy costs.  HP Energy can help your team through the deployment of energy management systems developed specifically for the retail sector and lighting retrofits that can both lower cost and increase sales.


The past two years have seen significant advances in solid state lighting for stadiums and arenas.  There are multiple products entering the marketplace, each system has unique benefits which must be matched to the stadium or arena.  Our team works with our clients to provide analysis of all current market ready solid state lighting systems.  Post evaluation, our team can turnkey delivery of lighting systems replacement projects.


Today's college campuses and buildings demand higher level of energy than those of decades past.  Energy density has increased as building utilization and programming have changes with technology advances.  HP Energy has expertise in central plant optimization, chilled water systems and distributed power generation systems.  Combined with other energy conservation projects such as outdoor and indoor lighting, our team can bring significant energy reductions.


The current adoption of Six Sigma and Lean manufacturing has meant that the industrial sector has been ahead of the curve on managing energy consumption.  Our team has experience in working with large industrial clients on industrial lighting, designing and optimizing compressed dry air systems and the implementation of large scale power systems.  We have also been working closely with our Utility clients to deliver technological solutions to their grid modernization projects.


Our future cities will be truly "Smart Cities".  The ability to integrate edge cloud devices into current existing infrastructure will drive tremendous value for municipalities.  HP Energy has been at the forefront of the  development of advanced street lighting systems which will both lower operations and maintenance costs as well as provide enhanced services to the citizenry of these Smart Cities.  HP Energy is also a developer of waste to energy power generation projects at municipal scale.


The commercial office sector represents a large percentage of building energy consumed on an annual basis.  However, the complex ownership and tenant models have largely prevented large scale energy efficiency projects from being deployed.  Our team understands not only how to reduce energy consumption through lighting, central plant optimization and other efficiency measures but we also understand how to deliver these projects within the complex ownership models ultimately increasing the underlying value of your assets.


HP Energy principals have deep experience in the aviation space.  From designing and constructing hangars and MRO facilities to providing energy master plans for airports, our team knows how to develop and execute projects in the aviation sector.


The past several years has seen the Healthcare sector experience complex changes at a dynamic pace.  Energy systems have become a key issue for healthcare facilities.  HP Energy develops resilient, secure building systems that also have the ability to lower demand and operating costs for our clients.  HP Energy will work with your facilities team on your energy and energy systems needs from power plant development for emergency and backup power and the optimization of existing central plant utilities to lighting upgrades that meet the healthcare sectors standards.


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