HP Energy provides project development to one of the most exciting growth markets in the world, energy efficiency through whole building retrofits. HP Energy is an energy efficiency financing, project development and project management firm that brings deep independent technological expertise to our clients. We have established strategic relationships with world class execution partners who are leaders in design, engineering and construction ensuring the whole energy efficiency value chain is covered for our clients.


HP Energy is committed to creating and enhancing value along our entire value chain – to our clients by developing projects that lower cost and improve their bottom line, to our technology partners by creating opportunities and to our community by creating future proof jobs.


For too long we have relied on the big four – coal, petroleum, nuclear and alternatives – meeting our energy demand. The fifth fuel, energy efficiency remains a largely untapped resource in today’s world. Energy efficiency remains the most cost effective source of meeting our nations demand for energy. At HP Energy we deliver the fifth fuel to our clients reducing cost and impact to our environment.


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